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About Faceit

Faceit is a platform founded in 2012 in London by Niccolo Maisto, Michele Attisani, & Alessandro Avallone, which is aimed at organizing competitive online multiplayer games. The platform matches you with other online players from around the world who have the same level as your level. This ensures you enjoy the game by playing with players of the same skills. To reach a higher level in this platform, you need to win matches in different games. If you lose matches, your level points decrease. There are +25 points for every win and -25 for every loss.

To determine the level you must have at least played 3 games. According to your win or lose in these games your level is decided. There are 10 levels in this platform from 0 to 10. After a player has completed the 10 levels, it becomes possible to pass FPL-C and an FPL rank can be attained by the player. FPL stands for Faceit Pro League.


In 2017, Youtube, the video-sharing online platform, partnered with the company. One of the most popular league in this platform was a global tournament for Counter-Strike: 2 that was known by the name Esports Championship Series (ESC) that was launched in 2016.

Faceit Boosting Services

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